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Alesis MultiMix 12R 8-Channel Compact Mixer with EQ

Alesis MultiMix 12R 8-Channel Compact Mixer with EQ

Ideal for mobile live PA/production systems, the MultiMix 12R is the world's most affordable 12-input, 2-buss analog rack mixer featuring 8 mic preamps with 2 stereo line channels, all in a compact, 3-U rack mount configuration. This versatile mixer has 2-band, fixed frequency EQ on each channel, 1 pre-fader aux send and 1 post-fader aux send per channel, and 60mm linear potentiometers (faders) for master level of each channel. The master section features an external stereo aux return level, stereo LED bar graph meters, stereo master L/R buss 60mm fader, and a separate phones/monitor level control.

Behringer MON800 Stereo Monitor Mixer

Behringer MON800 Stereo Monitor Mixer

Get this ultra-compact monitor matrix mixer and you'll be glad you did. It features a dedicated input section with 4 selectable and mixable stereo inputs plus accurate 6-digit LED main stereo output meters for precise level indication. You'll get a high-power phones output with dedicated Level control plus 3 selectable stereo speaker outputs with separate Level controls for ultimate monitoring.


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